#1. This reel contains commercial TV ads only.

  #2. Project: DigiSport

  Credits: Andrei Brovcenco - Director
           Mihail Lupu: rendering, modeling, compositing.

  #3. Client: Bergenbier - in collaboration with Framebreed.
      Project: Bergenbier new can - Video Event

  Credits: Andrei Brovcenco - Director
           Mihail Lupu - Modeling/Rendering/Compositing/Edit.

  #4. Client: Bleidinger
      Project: Dracula Junior

  Credits: Alexandru Doiciu - Rigging/Animation
            Felicia Ionescu - Texturing
            George Munteanu - Concept Art
            Mihail Lupu - Modeling/Lighting/Rendering/Compositing/Edit.

  #5. Client: BitDefender

  Creative: Vali Petridean
            Mihail Lupu: Modeling/ Animation/ Compositing/ Editing

  #6. Client: daPhone - in collaboration with Colorbitor Media.
      Project: daPhone - MoneyVacuum

  Credits: Costin Cretulescu - Director/Compositing/Edit
           Gabriela Ispas - Animation
           Mihail Lupu - Modeling/Riging/Rendering

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